PwrSoC 2012 Presentations

Friday, November 16
Session 1: Applications and System Architectures

Session Chairs: Francesco Carobolante, Ed Standford

09:00-09:25am Ted DiBenepdf icon
Fine Grain On-die Integrated Magnetics; Breaking the Power/Performance Barriers
09:25-09:50am Jan Rabaeypdf icon
UC Berkeley
Powering Miniature BioMedical Implants
09:50–10:15am Steve Grady pdf icon
Embedding Energy Storage in SoCs using Solid State Batteries
10:15–10:45am Break  
Henrik Zessinpdf icon
Fraunhofer Institute
Nuernberg, Germany
Integrating Power Management architectures for Energy Harvesting
11:10–11:35am John Camagnapdf icon
Akros Silicon
Energy Management Concept and Implementation
11:35-12:00pm Dave Andersonpdf icon
Texas Instruments
Applications of the PSIP/PwrSoC Products
12:00-01:00pm Lunch  
Session 2: Power Semiconductor Technologies
Session Chair: Arnold Alderman
Session Co-Chairs: John Shen, Don Disney
01:00-01:25pm Il-Yong Parkpdf icon
Dongbu HiTek Korea
High Frequency LDMOS in 0.18µm BCD technology for Power Supply-On-Chip
01:25-01:50pm Steve Saappdf icon
High frequency trench MOSFETs for Power Supply in Package
01:50-02:15pm Kevin Chenpdf icon
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Device Technologies for Highly Integrated GaN Power Electronics
02:15-02:40pm Tahir Khanpdf icon
PMU/PMIC Technologies for Multiple Integrated dc-dc converters
02:40-03:10pm Break  
03:10-03:35pm Greg Millerpdf icon
Sarda Technologies, Inc.
Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Power Stages for Very High Frequency Power Supplies
03:35-04:00pm Paul Chowpdf icon
Comparison of Silicon, GaAs and GaN Technologies for High Switching Speed, Monolithic DC-DC Power Converter ICs
Session 3: Magnetics
Session Chair: Charlie Sullivan
Session Co-Chairs: Ningning Wang, Maeve Duffy, Masahiro Yamaguchi, Satish Prahakaran, Florian Herrault, Sara Bedair
04:00-04:25pm Shan X. Wangpdf icon
Stanford University,
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Integrated Transformers with Sputtered Laminated Magnetic Materials
04:25-04:50pm Mean-Jue Tungpdf icon
Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan(ITRI)
Low Temperature Co-fired Heterogeneous Ferrite Planar Inductor for High Density Power Applications
04:50-05:15pm Naigang Wangpdf icon
IBM, TJ Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights
Magnetics Integration – from Thin Film Heads to on-Chip Inductors
05:15-05:40pm John Q. Xiaopdf icon
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA
High frequency and High Power Soft Magnetic Materials for Power Supply Applications
06:00-08:00pm Opening Reception / Poster Session
Saturday, November 17
Session 3: Magnetics (continued)
Session Chair: Charlie Sullivan
Session Co-Chairs: Ningning Wang, Maeve Duffy, Masahiro Yamaguchi, Satish Prahakaran, Florian Herrault, Sara Bedair
09:00–09:25am Florian Herraultpdf icon
Georgia Institute of Technology
Microfabrication technologies for highly-laminated thick metallic cores and 3-D integrated windings
09:25–09:50am Robert Mihailovic
Teledyne Scientific Co.
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Microlaminated Integrated Magnetics for MHz Power Electronics
Session 4: Capacitors
Session Chair: Magali Brunet
Session Co-Chair: Stephen O’Brien
09:50–10:15am P. Markondeya Rajpdf icon
Packaging Research Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Integration of Power-Supply Capacitors with Ultrahigh Density on Silicon Using Particulate Electrodes
10:15–10:40am Eli Lelandpdf icon
City Univeristy of New York
Metacapacitors: Printed, High-frequency Capacitors for Electric Power Conversion
10:40–11:10am Break  
11:10–11:35am Makato Takamiyapdf icon
University of Tokyo, Japan
3D Stacked Buck Converter with SrTiO3 (STO) Capacitors on Silicon Interposer
11:35–12:00pm Catherine Bunelpdf icon
IPDIA Caen, France
High Density Silicon-based Capacitors for Power Electronics System Integration
12:00–12:25pm Jae-sun Seopdf icon
IBM, TJ Watson Research Center
Deep Trench Capacitors for Switch Capacitor Voltage Converters
12:25–01:20pm Lunch  
Session 5: Topologies and Control
Session Chair: Yan-Fei Liu
Session Co-Chairs: Jose Cobos, Aleksandar Prodic
01:20–01:45pm Gerhard Maderbacher, Stefano Marsili, Christoph Sandnerpdf icon
Infineon Technologies
Digital Control Options for Embedded DC-DC Converters in CMOS SoC
01:45-02:10pm Robert Pilawapdf icon
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Soft Charging Switched Capacitor CMOS Power Converters – Increasing Efficiency and power Density Using a Merged Two-Stage Architecture
02:10-02:35pm Rinkle Jainpdf icon
Enabling Aggressive Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling in Many Voltage Domains using Distributed Switched Capacitor Voltage Regulators
02:35-03:00pm Aleksandrar Prodicpdf icon
University of Toronto
Mixed-Signal IC Controllers and Low Volume SMPS
03:00-03:30pm Break/Poster Session
03:30-03:55pm David J. Perreault,pdf icon
Antohny Sagneri

MIT / OnChip Power
Design of Miniaturized, Isolated dc-dc Cnoverters Operating at Radio Frequencies
03:55-04:20pm Yogesh Ramadasspdf icon
Texas Instruments
A 330nA Charger and Battery Management IC for Solar and Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Session 6: Converter: Granular Power Management for SoC
Session Chair: Elad Alon
Session Co-Chairs: Christoph Sandner, Bruno Allard, Eduard Alarcon, Hanh-Phuc Le
04:20-04:45pm Mondira (Mandy) Pant
Intelpdf icon
The Era of Intelligent Power Delivery
04:45-05:10pm Hans Meyvaertpdf icon
K. U. Leuven
Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor DC-DC: Bulk CMOS Oriented Design
05:10-05:35pm Ken Shepardpdf icon
Columbia University
Scalable integrated voltage regulation technologies
Open Forum Discussion
Post Forum Discussion
Granular Power Application and Technology: Inductor-Based vs. Switched-Capacitor vs. Linear
Sunday, November 18
Session 6: Converter: Granular Power Management for SoC (Continued)
Session Chair: Elad Alon
Session Co-Chairs: Christoph Sandner, Bruno Allard, Eduard Alarcon, Hanh-Phuc Le
08:00-08:25am Stephen Kosonocky
AMDpdf icon
Power Delivery Challenges for Next Generation High Performance SOCs
08:25-08:55am Gu-Yeon Weipdf icon
Harvard University
Fine-Grain Power Management in Multi-Core SoCs using Integrated Voltage Regulators
08:55-09:20am Gerard Villar Piquépdf icon
Potential Benefits of Integrated Switching Power Converters: Inductive vs. switched-Capacitor
09:20-09:45am Toke Meyer Andersenpdf icon
Florian Krismer
Johann W. Kolar
ETH Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Thomas Toifl
IBM Research Zurich, Rüschlikon, Switzerland
High Power Density On-Chip Switched Capacitor Converters for Microprocessor Power Delivery
09:45-10:15am Break  
Session 7: System Integration, Packaging and Manufacturing
Session Chair: Matthew Wilkowski
Session Co-Chairs: Baoxing Chen, Doug Hopkins, Trifon Liakopoulos
10:15–10:40am Neil Robertsonpdf icon
HGST Research a Western Digital Company
Material Options and Manufacturing Processes for Electroplating Magnetic Materials
10:40–11:05am Toshiro Sato,pdf icon
Makoto Sonehara, Hiroki Kobayashi,Fumihiro Sato and Kazuhiro Hagita

Spin Device Technology Center
Shinshu University
Rie Takeda and Nobuhiro Matsushita
Materials and Structures Laboratory
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tomohiro Fujii, Shinji Nakazawa, Hiroshi Shimizu and Kazutaka Kobayashi
Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd.
Yasuhiro Shinozuka, Yuji Fuketa, Makoto Takamiya and Takayasu Sakurai
Institute of Industrial Science
University of Tokyo
Magnetic core power inductor embedded in plastic interposer toward power supply integrated in LSI Package
11:05–11:30am Alex Kalnitsky,pdf icon
Y.W. Tseng,
T.H. Chien, C.Y. Chang and Felix Tsui

TSMC Analog/RF & Specialty Technology Division
1 milli Ohm/square Bondable Post-Passivation Interconnect for Power Management Technologies
11:30–11:55am Jason Kulick andpdf icon
Gary H. Bernstein

Indiana Integrated Circuit
Olivier Trescases
University of Toronto
Quilt Packaging interconnect technology enables better than monolithic performance
11:55–12:20pm Xing Xing
Boaxing Chenpdf icon
Nian X. Sun
Northeastern University
High Bandwidth Low Insertion Loss Solenoid Transformers Using FeCoB Multilayers
12:20–12:45pm Trifon Liakopoulos,pdf icon
Amrit Panda,
Ashraf Lotfi and
Matt Wilkowski

Manufacturing Development of a New Electroplated Magnetic Alloy Enabling Commercializatin of PwrSoC Products
12:45–01:00pm Close of Workshop
01:00–02:00pm Lunch