Program Sessions and Chairpersons 2023 – dup

The detailed daily schedule will be available shortly.

Program Sessions and Chairpersons 2023
Session Chairperson Affiliation
Plenary Session
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Soh Yun Siah Technology Vice President, GlobalFoundries, U.S./Singapore
Granular Power Supply Xun Liu The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Yasser Nour Lotus, Denmark
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Current-Shared Multi-Phase FIVRs with Phase-Shedding-Optimized AC Dynamics Hyun-sik kim School of Electrical Engineering KAIST, Korea
Hanh-Phuc Lee University of California San Diego, U.S.
Santosh Kulkarni Renesas Electronics, U.K.
Modular LDO and EDA Technology for Agile Design Xiaosen Liu Tsinghua University, China
Topologies & Control Yogesh Ramadass Texas Instruments, Santa Clara, USA
Yan Lu University of Macau, China
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Robert Pilawa-Podgurski University of California Berkeley, U.S.
Hybrid DC-DC Converters for Microprocessors Wanyuan Qu Zhejiang University, China
Higher Power Density DC-DC Converters through Energy-Dense Passives utilizing Emerging Topologies Orlando Lazaro Texas Instruments, U.S.
Integrated Magnetics Cian O’Mathuna Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland
Maeve Duffy University of Galway, Ireland
Marc Wurz University of Hannover, Germany
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Magnetic Material on Silicon Ranajit Sai Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
Plastic-Based Inductors Sebastian Bengsch Ensinger, Germany
Matt Wilkowski / Trifon Liakopoulos EnaChip, U.S.
Yoshibumi Matsuda Taiyo Yuden, Japan
Wide Band Gap Integration Rinkle Jain Intel, USA
Ke-Horng Chen National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Jan Sonsky Innoscience, Belgium
GaN-on-Si Process Han Wui Then Intel, U.S.
Integrated Capacitors and Energy Storage Kousuke Miyaji Shinshu University, Japan
Dina Reda Eldamak German University in Cairo, Egypt
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Solid-State Battery Hiroshi Sato TDK, Japan
High Voltage Silicon 3D Capacitors Norman Böttcher Fraunhofer IISB, Germany
3D Trench Silicon Capacitors Mohamed Mehdi Jatlaoui Murata, France
System Integrated Packaging & Manufacturing Min Chen Innoscience, USA
Tina Thomas Fraunhofer IZM, Germany
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Buck PwrSoc on Magnetic Substrate Laminate Jerry Zha Grenotek Technology, China
Novel In-Situ Button Shear Methodology for Assessment of the Adhesion Strength of Epoxy Mold Compound in E-mobility Power Module David Guillon Hitachi Energy, Switzerland
Novel and Lightweight 1200V SiC Power Module with Direct-Cooled Substrate Fabio Bernardi Magneti Marelli, Italy
High Frequency Power Conversion for mW and kW Eckart Hoene Fraunhofer IZM, Germany
Systems & Applications Jose Cobos Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Francesco Carobolante IoTissimo, USA
Topic Speaker Affiliation
Wireless Power Transfer at 13.6MHz NXP, Netherlands
Switched-Capacitor Converters Skycore, Denmark
Embedded Power Management Solutions on STM32 µControlers David Chesneau STMicroelectronics, France
Poster Session Jens Friebe University of Kassel, Germany
Aleksandar Prodic University of Toronto, Canada