Poster Chair: Prof. Chia-Ling Wei, National Cheng Kung University
Co-Chair: Prof. Ningning Wang, School of Electronics and Information, Hangzhou Dianzi University

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Professor Chia-Ling Wei at
National Cheng Kung University
PwrSoC 2018 Poster Session Chair

Accepted Poster List

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Poster Category: Emerging Technologies


First Author Name


Poster Title

Emerging Technologies David Romain University of Lyon, France Study and Design of an Integrated VCSEL Driver (150MHz, 1W) for an iToF 3D-based CMOS Image Sensor
Granular Power Supply Francesco Cannillo Dialog Semiconductor, Germany Scalable System-level Approach for SoC Supply
Granular Power Supply Barry Clarke TEL Magnetic Solutions Ltd, Ireland Optimization of Magnetic Properties for Single Layer and Laminated Cores of Cobalt Rich Amorphous Films Resulting from Post Deposition Magnetic Annealing
Granular Power Supply Dragan Dinulovic Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG, Germany PSiP Power Micromodules with Integrated Inductor for Point-of-Load Applications
Granular Power Supply Toru Sai University of Tokyo, Japan Spike Noise Cancelling Circuit for Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter Mounting MLCCs on CMOS Die
Integrated Capacitive Devices Mohamed Mehdi Jatlaoui MuRata Integrated Passive Solutions, France Thin Deep Trench Capacitors Stacking Process towards High density Low ESR/ESL passive devices
Integrate Magnetics Seiya Abe Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Design Consideration of Air-Core On-Chip Spiral Coil for Power-SoC
Integrate Magnetics Seamus O’Driscoll Tyndall Institute, Ireland Electrical Characterisation of Thin Film CZTB Solenoid Inductor in 5V CMOS PwrSiP
Integrate Magnetics Claudiu V. Falub Evatec AG, Switzerland Innovations in Deposition of Soft Magnetic Thin Films with Tunable Properties for Integrated Power Converters and RF Components
Integrate Magnetics Takeshi Hara RICOH Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., Japan A Planar Inductor Technology by Spray-coat Method for the Power Supply for Compact IoT Sensor Node
Integrate Magnetics Matthias Landmann Singulus Technologies AG, Germany PVD Production of Soft Magnetic Multilayers for Integrated Magnetic Inductors
Integrate Magnetics Yuki Sato Texas Instruments, U.S.A. A SPICE Model of Inductors Considering Hysteresis Properties
Integrate Magnetics Rongxiang Wu State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, Peoples Republic of China On-Chip Transformers with Capacitive Shielding Structures for High dV/dt Signal Isolation
System Integration Michael Brooks Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Thermal Advantages of Overmolding Power System in Package (PSiP) Modules
System Integration Yoshiki Sato Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Numerical Predictions of a Novel 3D stacked Power-SoC Structure Based on Hexagonal-BN
System Integration Jia WANG Northwestern Polytechnical University, Peoples Republic of China An Efficient Methodology of Building Power SoC
Systems and Application Ahmed Ammar Technical University of Denmark Miniaturization of LED Drivers
Systems and Application Kuo-Chi (Kevin) Liu Richtek Technology Corporation, Taiwan Dynamic Impedance Matching Control for Wireless Power Charging Systems
Systems and Application Fangyu Mao University of Macau, People’s Republic of China A Reconfigurable Cross-Connected Wireless-Power Transceiver for Bidirectional Device-to-Device Charging
Topologies and Control Le-Ren Chang-Chien Cheng Kung University, Peoples Republic of China Controller Sharing Concept for Circuit Area Reduction
Topologies and Control Zhiping Dong School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University, People’s Republic of China The Modulation and Control Strategy of DC-link Current Minimization for Single-Phase Current Source Inverter
Topologies and Control Ayman Fayed The Ohio State University, U.S.A. Dual-Frequency SIMO Topologies for On-Chip Dynamic Power Supplies
Topologies and Control Etienne Foray Université de Lyon, France Topology Exploration for High-voltage Low Power Dc-Dc Converter
Topologies and Control Jens Christian Hertel Technical University of Denmark Using Time-Based Control Techniques for Active Rectification
Topologies and Control Kyoungho Lee Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute A Switch-only Rectifier with Switch Off-time Control for Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Topologies and Control Yiru Miao Chongqing University, People’s Republic of China Sliding Control Strategy for Start-up and Steady State of Boost Converter
Topologies and Control Toshiomi Oka Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Transient Response of a Digitally Controlled Power Supply Based on Power-SoC
Topologies and Control Sheng-Shiang Pan National Taiwan University, Department of Electrical Engineering A Monolithic Capacitor Current Constant On-Time Controlled Buck Converter Achieving Near Optimal Response without Stability Trade-off
Topologies and Control Frederik Spliid Technical University of Denmark Stacked Class E resonant Very High Frequency Converter for European Mains Power Factor Correction
Wide Band Gap Arvind Sridhar IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland GaNonCMOS: GaN Power Switches Integrated with Si-CMOS for Reliable Power Delivery Systems