PwrSoC Corridor Webinar Series 2020 Program

      • Each webinar will begin at 9:00 AM CST (GMT-6)
      • Each presentation will be approximately twenty-five minutes in length
      • There will be a panel question and answer session for the technical presentations at the end of each webinar session
      • Questions that cannot be addressed during the time limit of the webinar session will be addressed in the recording of each session after the webinar series concludes.
Webinar Date: Thursday, November 5 Session 1: Markets and Applications for PwrSoC
Session Chair Francesco Carobolante IoTissimo, Inc.  
Presentation 1 Vivek De Intel Corporation System-Level Power Management Strategies for Integrated Platforms
Presentation 2 Noah Sturcken Ferric, Inc. Integrated Voltage Regulators for 3D-ICs
Presentation 3 Seamus O’Driscoll Tyndall Institute Prospective Applications for PwrSoC Magnetics and Packaging Technologies
Panel Q & A All Presenters    
Webinar Date: Tuesday, November 10 Session 2: Active Devices, Circuits, and Topologies for PwrSoC
Session Chair Brian Ma University of Texas, Dallas  
Presentation 1 Bernard Wicht University of Hannover Faster, Higher, Monolithic- Efficient energy Conversion with GaN
Presentation 2
Patrick Mercier University of California, San Diego Integrated Hybrid Converters for Mobile and IoT Applications
Presentation 3
Cristiano Azzolini Dialog Semiconductor Integrated Power Management for Wearable Applications: Opportunities & Challenges
Panel Q & A All Presenters    
Webinar Date: Thursday, November 12 Session 3: Passives and Packaging for PwrSoC
Session Chair Hongbin Yu Arizona State University  
Presentation 1 Trifon Liakopoulos EnaChip Current Commercialization Activities for Wafer Level Magnetics
Presentation 2
Shunsuke Abe Murata Technical Trend and Future Perspectives of Capacitive Devices for Micro Processor
Presentation 3
Jeff Morroni Texas Instruments Trends for Integrated Isolated DC/DC Conversion in Automotive Applications
Panel Q & A
All Presenters