A PwrSoC Corridor Webinar Series 2020

A PwrSoC Corridor Webinar Series
was held November 5, 10, 12, 2020

(Corridor: a technical passageway leading to PwrSoC Workshop 2021)

General Chair: Mark Allen, University of Pennsylvania
  Program Co-Chairs: Matt Wilkowski, Enachip
Hanh-Phuc Le., University of California at San Diego

Successful 2020 Corridor Webinar Series Introduced PwrSoC to a Wider Audience

The Power Supply on Chip corridor webinar series sponsored by the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) was held during the first two weeks of November 2020. This webinar series, made possible by the financial support of PSMA, had a goal  of bridging the 2018 PwrSoC workshop and the 2021 PwrSoc Workshop that was rescheduled. due to the COVID19 impact on the ability of attendees to travel and to attend a live event. The 2021 PwrSoC Workshop is scheduled to be held in-person from October 24, through October 27, at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia PA.

The (PwrSoC) corridor webinar series consisted of three two-hour sessions. Each webinar session addressed technology developments since the 2018 workshop that may well be ready for commercialization by the time of the 2021 workshop. Each session focused on a different set of applications and technology advances. The sessions were held on November 5, November 10, and November 12. Each session consisted of three presentations and a panel Q&A that lasted about 30 minutes, reflecting the webinar attendees’ interest in the presentations and appetite for additional information on the technologies that are being developed.

Check out the outstanding webinar presentations on the PROGRAM page.

Diversified Attendance

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