The Eighth International Workshop on
Power Supply on Chip

September 27-29, 2023
    Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover, Germany

Photos: ©2022 Daniel Vogl LUH (center), Bernhard Wicht

Thank you for a wonderful Workshop!

Photos: ©2023 Detlev Habicht

The International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip just finished. It has been the 15th anniversary of this global flagship conference for the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA). 145 global experts – 40/60% from academia/industry – gathered at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, from September 27 through 29, 2023.

Thanks to all attendees, speakers, TPC members, the local organizing committee, the steering committee, all volunteers, and many more people.

The workshop featured single-track sessions with invited talks and a poster session that covered a broad range of highly relevant topics on Granular Power Supply, Integrated Magnetics, Capacitors and Energy Storage, Topologies & Control, Systems & Applications, System Integrated Packaging & Manufacturing, Wide Band Gap Integration.

There were many opportunities for networking and socializing. For the first time, PwrSoC scheduled a Woman-in-Engineering (WIE) Tea Break intended as a forum to discuss topics related to the professional development of women in engineering. The Gala Dinner at the Gartensaal of the New Town Hall in Hannover was unforgettable, and we were blessed with Mediterranean weather. A technical tour took place at Baker Hughes near Hannover.
Regional distribution: 60% from EMEA, 27% from Asia, and 14% from North America.

This workshop would not have been possible without the generous support of these partners: Nano DimensionWurth ElektronikX-FABBoschGlobalFoundries, Institute Carnot.

Workshop Material

In this cloud folder, attendees can access photos, an attendee list, and presentation slides. The folder is secured with a password, which was sent to all attendees via their registration email address. If you’re having trouble accessing the cloud folder, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at pwrsoc23@ims.uni-hannover.de.

Additionally, the presentation slides are publicly available under the submenu PwrSoC 2023 Presentations or in this cloud folder.

About the Workshop

The eighth edition of the biennial International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) is scheduled for September 27 thru 29, 2023, to be held at Leibniz University Hannover, Hannover, Germany.

The Workshop is the leading international forum for the discussion of the challenges and opportunities in technology, business, and supply chain, intent on advancing the miniaturization and integration of power conversion and power management solutions. The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) are joint sponsors for the Workshop.

Founded in 1831, Leibniz University is one of the nine leading Institutes of Technology in Germany, with ~30.000 students. Named after the polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the university lives the spirit of Leibniz, combining global thinking and interdisciplinary research. The PwrSoC Workshop will take place in the historic main building of the university close to Hannover city center.

Organizing Committee

General Chair Technical Program Chair
General Chair
Technical Program Chair
Professor Bernhard Wicht Professor Bruno Allard
Institute of Microelectronic Systems
Leibniz University Hannover
Hannover, Germany
Head of Ampere laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
INSA de Lyon – Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon
Lyon, France
Financial Chair
Financial Chair
Trifon Liakopoulos
CEO & Founder
EnaChip Inc.
Rocky Hill, NJ, USA


The Workshop features presentation and dialog sessions on advanced technologies with global academic and industry experts aimed at miniaturizing power management solutions through system architecture, circuits and topology, packaging, and passive components. PwrSoC 2023 plans panels on topics like semiconductor supply and education. A technical tour will take place tentatively in the afternoon of the final day at the Baker Hughes site in Celle near Hannover.

The value of the Workshop has always been recognized as an event that brings together global academic and industry experts to formally and informally discuss issues to advance and commercialize power supply on chip technologies.

Technical Sessions and Members of the Technical Program Committee

PwrSoC is organized as a single-track workshop. Each session typically has four presentations by experts from industry and academia. The Technical Program Committee of PwrSoC 2023 consists of the Technical Program Chair, Professor Bruno Allard (Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, France), and 16 international experts.
The Website Program Sessions and Chairpersons list provides an overview of the sessions planned over the three days of the Workshop.

Partnership Options

Please visit the workshop webpage.

If you are interested in becoming a PwrSoC23 Partner / sponsor, please contact:

Bernhard Wicht, PwrSoC23 General Chair at bernhard.wicht@ims.uni-hannover.de
Trifon Liakopoulos, PwrSoC23 Financial Chair at: pwrsoc23@enachip.com