PwrSoC 2021 Presentations

  Those presentations not available are so indicated.
Plenary Session


Session Chair: Jose Cobos Univerity de Polytechnic Madrid
Co-Chair: Aleksandar Prodic University of Toronto

Isik C. Kizilyalli
The Impact of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Devices on Future Integrated Power Electronics
Ravi Mahajan
Advanced Packaging Architectures for Heterogeneous Integration
Tim Phillips
Empower Semiconductor
Minimizing the Energy Footprint of the Digital Economy With Integrated Voltage Regulators
Session 1: Granular Power


Session Chair: Santosh Kulkarni Dialog Semiconductor
Co-Chairs: Ningning Wang Hangzhou Dianzi Univerity,   Rinkle Jain Intel

Yan Lu
Univerity of Macau
Distributed Low-Dropout Regulator Designs
Jens Masuch
Dialog Semiconductor
Fully Integrated Voltage Regulators Using In-Package and On-Die Inductors to Supply Mobile Processors
Keith Bowman
Adaptive Circuits for Processors & Future Voltage Regulator Designs
Subhir Kudva
Power Supply for I/O Blocks: Challenges, Constraints, and Solutions
Session 2: Topologies and Control


Session Chair: Bruno Allard, Universite de Lyon
Co-Chairs: Jason Stauth Dartmouth,   Christoper Schaef Intel

Xavier Branca
ST Microelectronics
CMOS Laser Diode Driver for Time of Flight Applications
Marc Cousineau
CMOS Active Gate Driver for Fast Control of WGB Power Transistor Commutations
Aleksandar Prodic
Univerity of Toronto
Topological and Control Solutions for Reduced Voltage Swing Hybrid Dc-Dc SMPS
Jason Stauth
Hybrid Switched Capacitor Converters: Topologies, Trends, and Comparison
Session 3: Integrated Magnetics


Session Chair: Masahiro Yamaguchi Tohuku University,
Co-Chairs: Hongbin Yu Arizona State University,   Dragan Dinulovic Wurth Elektronik,   Maeve Duffy National University Ireland Galway

Lulu Peng
Global Foundries
Silicon-Based Ultimate Miniature Magnetic Inductors and Transformers (SUMMIT) for High-Frequency Switching Regulator
Kousuke Miyaji
Shinshu University
3D-Integrated Magnetics Using Fe-Based Metal Composite Materials for Beyond-10MHz Switching Power Supply
Malte Paesler
Fraunhofer Institute
Novel Back-End-of-Line Compatible Method for Integration of Inductances With Magnetic Core in Applications Like DC/DC Converters
Kaladhar Radhakrishnan
Magnetic Inductors for Next Generation IVR
Session 4: Integrated Capacitors and Energy Storage


Session Chair: Mehdi Jatlaoui Murata
Co-Chair: Raj Markondeya Pulugurtha Florida International University

Shunsuke Abe
Integrated Capacitors and Chip-on-Wafer Integration for HPC Applications
Kenichi Yoshida
Low Profile Metallic Foil-Based Capacitor for High Frequency Operation
Sami Oukassi
Cea Leti
Integrated Ion Capacitors as an Innovative High Energy/Density Storage Device
Denis Pasero
Micro Solid State Batteries Enabling Medical Devices and IOT
Session 5: Wideband Gap Integration


Session Chair: Brian Ma Univeristy Texas Dallas
Co-Chair: Bernhard Wicht Leibniz Universitat Hanover

Bernhard Wicht
Leibniz Universtat Hannover
Monolithic GaN – Unleashing the Potential by Integrating Power, Sensing and Control
Elison Matioli
New Technologies for Efficient and Integrated GaN Power Devices
(Not Available)
Sameer Pendharkar
Texas Instruments
Reliability Challenges in GaN
Alex Lidow
How the Monolithic Integration of Power, Analog, and Digital Components in GaN-on-Si Technology is Changing Power Conversion
Session 6: System Integrated Manufacturing and Packaging


Session Chair: Baoxing Chen Analog Devices
Co-Chair: Shamala Chickamenahalli Arizona State University

Lin Cheng
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
A High-Efficiency Transformer-in-Package Isolated DC-DC Converter Using Glass-Based Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging
Keith Bennett
Analog Devices
System-in-Package, Bridging the Gap Between Fractional Brick and System-on-Chip Power Converters
Nian Sun
Northeastern University
High-Performance On-Chip Hot Pressed NdFeB Hard Magnets for MEMS Applications
Vikas Gupta
Automotive Megatrends and Package Technology Solutions
Session 7: Systems and Applications


Session Chair: Francesco Carobolante IoTissimo
Co-Chair: Arnold Knott Technical University of Denmark

Yasser Nour
Lotus Microsystems
Power Interposer Technology – A Platform for PSiP and PwrSoC Applications
Noah Sturcken
Applications Enabled by Integrated Switched Inductor Power Converters
Minjie Chen
Extreme Performance 48V-1V Power Delivery for Ultra High Current Microprocessors
Bob Conner
Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap: Trends in Power Integration for Voltage Regulators and Modules
Poster Session


Session Chair: Minjie Chen Princeton University,
Co-Chairs: Regina Ramos Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM),   Yan Lu, University Macau,   Ping Wang, Princeton University

Lucas de Araujo Pereira
CEA, France
Mathematical Modeling of Piezoelectric DC-DC Converters
Daniel Zhou
Princeton, U.S.A.
Intrinsic Voltage Balancing of FCML Converters with Coupled Inductors
Youssef Elasser
Princeton, U.S.A.
Vertical Stacked LEGO-PoL CPU Voltage Regulator
Yenan Chen
Princeton, U.S.A.
Virtual Intermediate Bus Voltage Regulator for 48 V PoL Applications
Yao Wang
Drexel, U.S.A.
Multiphase Interleaved IPT Based DC-DC Converter for High-Current Application
Carlos Augusto Berlitz
CEA, France
Low Frequency and Low Power DC-DC Switched Battery Converter
Dragan Dinulovic
Wurth Elektronik, Germany
Custom Designed Discrete Microinductors and Microtansformers Fabricated on Silicon for High Frequency Applications
Ping Wang
Princeton, U.S.A.
Matrix Coupled All-in-One-Magnetics for PWM Power Conversion
Tao Zhang
High winding ratio, high frequency, ultracompact step-up transformers with laminated metallic magnetic cores
Jun Beom Pyo
Non-lithographic and scalable fabrication of one-turn like inductor having laminated NiFe core for power converters operating at high frequency
Diego Serrano López
Princeton, U.S.A.
MagNet: Data-Driven Methods for Magnetic Core Loss Modeling
Jef Thoné
MinDCet, Belgium
Monolithic 200V/10A GaN Powerstage with Integrated Level-shifters and Gate Drivers
Ayano Furue
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Numerical investigations of the multi-layer graphene as a thermal interface material and an elector-magnetic field shield layer for 3D power supply on chip applications
Kamyar Ahmadi
EnaChip, U.S.A.
Micro-magnetics with One Mask N-Layer Electroplated Cores