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Affiliation Authors Title Topic
Würth Elektronik Dragan Dinulovic, Michael Brooks, Martin Haug Power Micromodule with Embedded Inductor for DC-DC Buck Applications Integrated Magnetics
SEMITREX Michael H. Freeman A New Way to Power the World: Raising the Bar for Power Supply Efficiencies Power Supply on Chip
Infineon Sylvain Leomant, Olivier Guillemant, Roesch Maximilian, Anita Risteska, Martin Poelzl Interactions between blocking and overshoot voltages of LLC SR MOSFETs Devices
Technical University of Denmark Yasser Nour, Arnold Knott and Ivan H. H. Jørgensen Implementation of a Dual on Die 140 V Super-Junction Power Transistors Devices
Kyusyu Institute of Technology Seiya Abe, Takahumi Akagi, Satoshi Matsumoto Evaluation of ON-Chip Inductor and Transformer for Isolated Power-SoC Integrated Magnetics
On Semiconductor A. Malou, B. Allard, A. Hijazi, X. Lin‐Shi Augmented Sampled‐Data Modeling for Stability Analysis of A 4‐Switch Buck‐Boost Power SoC Modeling and Control
The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Rongxiang Wu, Niteng Liao, Xiangming Fang, Johnny K.O. Sin A Novel Silicon-Embedded Transformer for System-in-Package Power Isolation Integrated Magnetics
KYUSHU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Japan Madoka Higashida, Seiya Abe, Satoshi Matsumot Transient response of Field Programmable Power Supply Array based on power SoC Modeling and Control
KYUSHU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Japan Yuho Ikeda, Kengo Hiura, Hino Yasuyoshi, Satoshi Matsumoto Potential of the 3D stacking power SoC for high frequency switching applications Power Supply on Chip
KYUSHU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Japan Wataru Yoshida, Kengo Hiura, Satoshi Matsumoto Numerical evaliations of 3D stacking power SoC Power Supply on Chip
Yale University Satish Dhawan, Richard Sumner, Ramesh Khanna DcDc Converters in high magnetic fields Integrated Magnetics
Sengled Ciaran Feeney, Ningning Wang Ferrochip Design Studio: A New Design Tool for Integrated Magnetics Integrated Magnetics
Robert Bosch Center Christoph Rindfleisch, Bernhard Wicht Loss Reduction in Air-Cored Inductors Used in Multi-MHz Power Converters Integrated Magnetics
Würth Elektronik Dragan Dinulovic, Mahmoud Shousha, Martin Haug, Mike Wens, Jef Thone Microtransformer for Point-of-Load High Frequency DC-DC Converters Modeling and Control
ETH Zurich Riduan K. Aljameh, Pedro A. M. Bezerra, Florian Krismer, Johann W. Kolar, Arvind Sridhar, Thomas Brunschwiler, Thomas Toifl, Bruno Michel Control and Implementation Aspects of a Multiphase Inductor-Based FIVR in 14 nm Bulk CMOS for Microprocessor Applications Modeling and Control
Technical University of Denmark Lin Fan, Arnold Knott, Ivan Harald Holger Jørgensen Intrinsic Nonlinearities and Layout Impacts of 100 V Integrated Power MOSFETs in Partial SOI Devices
 NUI Galway David Newell Integrated Boost Converter for Low-Voltage, Low-Power Energy Harvesting Source Power Supply on Chip
TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK Jens Christian Hertel, Yasser Nour and Arnold Knott Very High Frequency Two-Port Characterization of Transistors Devices
Universite Pairs-Sorbonne M. Bedier and D. Galayko Low Power Multiple Energy-shot Load Interface for Electrostatic Vibrational Energy Harvesters Power Supply on Chip
NXP Semiconductors M. Rose, Y. Wen, R. Fernandes, R. van Otten, HJ. Bergveld, O. Trescases A Dual-Mode Driver IC with Monolithic Negative Gate Voltage Capability and Digital Current-Mode Controller for Depletion-Mode GaN HEMT Devices
Technical University of Denmark Jens Pejtersen and Arnold Knott Rethinking Rectification: AC-DC Power Supply in Package Power Supply on Chip
Technical University of Denmark Hoa Thanh Le, Io Mizushima, Peter Torben Tang, Ziwei Ouyang, Arnold Knott, Flemming Jensen, Anpan Hana Design and Fabrication of Air-core Inductors for Power Conversion Integrated Magnetics
University of Montpellier Nicolas Jeanniot, Aida Todri-Sanial, Gaël Pillonnet, Hervé Fanet and Pascal Nouet Analyzing Power-Clock Network Parasitic on Adiabatic Logic Modeling and Control
Robert Bosch Center Daniel Lutz, Peter Renz, Bernhard Wicht High Vin SC Converters and Supporting Circuits for Power on Chip Applications Power Supply on Chip
Tyndall National Institute Ricky Anthony, James F. Rohan and Cian O’Mathuna Advances in Integrated Magnetics for High Frequency Power Conversion Applications Integrated Magnetics
Texas Instruments Pradeep Shenoy, Kristen Parrish, Chuck Devries A High Density Series Capacitor Buck Converter Power Supply on Chip
Tohoku University Masahiro Yamaguchi, Erdenebat Unubold, Ken-ichi Suzuki, Eden Attobra, Atsushi Itagaki, Yoichi Ishizuka, Masaki Sato DC-biased high-power impedance measurement system for planar magnetic core up to 50 MHz Integrated Magnetics
CEI-UPM Jesús A. Oliver, Pedro Alou, José A. Cobos V1 Control for fast transient response in Power Converters on Chip Modeling and Control
CEI-UPM Pedro Alou, Jesús A. Oliver, José A. Cobos CAD tool for the optimization of Power Converters on Chip Modeling and Control
Tyndall National Institute Zoran Pavlovic1, Cristina Fernandez3, Santosh Kulkarni1, Paul McCloskey1, Cian Ó Mathúna1,2 High Frequency Large Signal Characterization for Two Phase on-silicon Coupled Inductors Integrated Magnetics
I-TEN Renaud Gaben Stacked High energy electrodes into solid-state cells enhance the power of the batteries for IoT applications Devices
Arizona State University Hao Wu, Mahmoud Khdour, and Hongbin Yu Magnetic Core Inductors Fabricated on Organic Substrates Devices