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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Workshop Opening
Plenary Session Part 1
Session Chairs: Ke-Horng Chen      Cian Ó Mathúna                              Seth Sanders
                             NCTU, Taiwan       Tyndall National Institute, Ireland    UC Berkeley, U.S.A
Don Disney
Heterogeneous Integration of GaN and Silicon for Power Conversion
Jim Doyle
Dialog Semiconductor, U.S.A.
A 100Mhz 8 amp 4 phase Buck with 87% efficiency Using a Low Cost 0.13u Process Providing Power for Mobile CPU and GPU and Evolution to Inductors on Die
Tea Break
Plenary Session Part 2
Peter Peng Zhu
Huawei, Peoples Republic of China
Development of 100 MHz IVR with Integrated Inductor
Louis Chen
ASE, Taiwan
New Generation Power Packaging Technology
Panel Q&A
Session 1: Systems and Applications
Session Chairs: José A. Cobos                                                             Francesco Carobolante
                             Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain        U.S.A.
Frank Praemassing
Infineon Technologies
Embedded Power Management for Automotive Microcontroller Units (MCUs) and Its Challenges
Arvind Sridhar
IBM, Switzerland
Advanced Power and Thermal Packaging Enabling Dense Integration of Compute Nodes
YanHai Cao
ReSound, Denmark
Sub-mW Integrated Power Management Systems for Hearing-aids Applications
Jeff Moroni,
Texas Instruments, U.S.A.
Automotive (TBD)
Panel Q&A
Tea Break
Session 2: Topologies and Control
Session Chairs: Arnold Knott                                                           Jason Stauth
                            Danish Technical University, Denmark           Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth, U.S.A.
Christopher Schaef
Intel, U.S.A.
Potential of Hybrid Converters in Compute Platform Power Delivery
Hanh-Phuc Le
University of Colorado Boulder, U.S.A.
Converter Topologies for Large Conversation Ratios: A Story from Switched-Capacitor to Hybrid Architectures
Toke Andersen
Nordic Power Converters, Denmark
Towards Integration of Offline Multi-MHz Power Supplies
Alexandre Prodic
University of Toronto, Canada
Control of Emerging Converter Topologies and High Performance Controllers for High-Frequency Low-Power SMPS
Panel Q&A
Welcome Reception

Thursday, October 18th

Session 3: Wide-Band Gap Semiconductors and Integration
Session Chairs: Bernhard Wicht                                                      Brian Ma
                             Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany        University of Texas, Dallas, U.S.A.
Dan Kinzer
Navitas, U.S.A.
GaNFast PwrSoCs
Kenneth L. Shepard
Colombia University, U.S.A.
Hybrid Integrated GaN-CMOS Power Converters and High-density Modules Based on Vertical GaN Transistors
Jef Thoné MinDCet
Driving Wide Bandgap Transistors To The Limits
Kevin Chen
Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology
Understanding of Dynamic Behavior of GaN-on-Si Power Devices and ICs
Panel Q&A
Tea Break
Session 4: Integrated Magnetics
Session Chairs: Masahiro Yamaguchi              Maeve Duffy                       Charlie Sullivan
                             Tohoku University, Japan    NUI Galway,  Ireland      Dartmouth College, U.S.A.
Toshiro Sato
Shinshu University, Japan
Fe-based Metal Composite Magnetic Core and its Application to High-frequency Switching DC-DC Converter
Noah Sturcken
Ferric, U.S.A.
Integrated Power Management with Ferromagnetic Thin-film Power Inductors
Paul McCloskey
Tyndall Institute, Ireland
Measurement Methodology and Inductor/transformer Updates
Hoà Lê Thanh
Technical University of Denmark
Baoxing Chen
Analog Devices, U.S.A.
Core and winding optimization of micro-transformers for isolated power conversion
Panel Q&A
Session 5: Integrated Capacitors Devices
Session Chair:   Mehdi Jatlaoui                     Vincent Chou
                             Murata, France                   TSMC, Taiwan
Markondeya Raj
Georgia Tech, U.S.A.
Reliability and Manufacturing Readiness of High-Density (1 µF/mm2) Ultra-thin (75 microns) Wafer- or Package-integrated Film Capacitors
Shih-Fen Huang
TSMC, Taiwan
Ultra High Density Capacitor for Power Management Applications
Frederic Nodet
Murata, France
Low Profile Integrated Silicon Capacitors Tailored for power supply on chip
Lu Ming
ILIKA, People Republic of China
Energy storage sources for autonomous IoT Sensing Devices
Panel Q&A
Posters Session
Session Chair: Chia-Ling Wei                                         Ningning Wang
                           National Cheng Kung University      Hangzhou Dianzi University
Poster Session

Friday, October 19th

Session 6: System Integration, Packaging and Manufacturing
Session Chairs: Hsiao-ching Tuan                   Lou Hutter
                             TSMC, Taiwan                        Lou Hutter Consulting, U.S.A.
HaoYi Yeh
Delta Electronics, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
Power Efficiency Optimization in Data Center
Timothy Phillips
Empower, U.S.A.
High Efficiency Integrated Voltage Regulator (IVR) in SoC
Screenivasan Koduri
Texas Instruments, U.S.A.
Package Impacts in Advanced Power Electronics
Sourabh Khandelwal 
Macquarie University, Australia
GaN Device Model
Panel Q&A
  Tea Break
Session 7: Granular Power Supply
Session Chairs: Miguel Rodringuez                 Santosh Kulkarni                        Rinkle Jain
                             AMD,U.S.A.                             Dialog Semiconductor, U.K.     Intel  U.S.A.
Pedro Bezerra
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Towards the Integration of Voltage Regulators in Server Applications
Arijit Raychowdhury
Georgia Tech, U.S.A.
Non-linear Control for Linear Regulators
Rinkle Jain
Intel, U.S.A.
Fine Grain Voltage Domains on Graphics
Yan Lu,
University of Macau, Peoples Republic of China
Dual-Output Switched -Capacitor Power Converters
Panel Q&A
Lunch & Wrap-up Meeting
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